16/03/2012: Profetus " Open the Passages in Dusk" DLP out now.

17/05/2011: Hooded Menace "The Eyeless Horde" tape out now.

07/03/2011: Holy Hell "Kill Jesus" LP, Unholy "Demo 90/11 - Procession of Black Doom" DLP & Unholy "Trip to Depressive Autumn" LP out now.

12/10/2010: Wormphlegm "IAEWIWVAPAVBEWPIADTP" t-shirt pre-order.

18/05/2010: Wormphlegm "In an Excruciating Way Inhabited With Vermin and Pests and Violated by Executioners Who Practise Incendiarism and Desanctifying the Pious" LP out now.

13/01/2010: Sink "The Process" LP & Fleshpress "Pillars" DLP re-press out now.

28/04/2009: Profetus "Coronation of the Black Sun" cd out now.

16/05/2008: Herem "Pulsa diNura" cd out now.

30/10/2007: Fleshpress "Pillars" DLP out now.

17/07/2007: Jack Lord "S/T" tape out now.

23/02/2007: Night Must Fall "Dissonance of Thought" mLP out now.


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